The Village of Hebron, Division of Fire/EMS staffs a full-time lieutenant, a full-time firefighter/paramedic, and 3 part-time firefighters who are either certified as an EMT, advanced EMT, or as a paramedic, around the clock.  In addition to the 5 emergency responders on duty around the clock, the department is also staffed with a full-time fire chief and a full-time fire prevention officer M-F during business hours.

  Rank Name Phone Ext Email
Fire Chief Jack Stickradt, Jr. 110
Captain Richard Vance  
Captain /
Fire Marshal
Ryan Wyse 111
Lieutenant /
EMS Coordinator
Christopher Clancy 301  
Lieutenant Christopher Redd 302  
Lieutenant Tristan Shoults 303  
Firefighter / Paramedic Jason Woods